Rezumat Kara Para Ask 35

 Rezumat ep 35
Omer tells Elif that he knew that Nilofer is going to marry Fatih. Elif is shocked and angry at Omer, she asks how could he let her do it. Omer explains that he himself didn’t know that Nilofer will take such a big step instantly. He defends Nilofer by saying that he wanted to talk to her more about the proposal but couldn’t and he himself had put Nilofer in a taxi to go home. She wanted to talk about the proposal with Elif but she didn’t listen. Elif says that she feels like Nilofer is kidnapped again and doesn’t like this situation. She tells Omer to leave her alone for a while.
Mert tries to make up with Demet but she refuses his flowers and candy floss, when Levent comes and tells him that Nilofer married Fatih. In anger, and shock, he goes to his house. While he was standing outside his house, Tayyar came and pleaded with him to come back. An angry Mert said that he will never come back and will make Tayyar pay for marrying Fatih with Nilofer.
Arda, Pelin and Ipek are anxiously waiting for information regarding the man who had blackmailed Ipek when Hussein comes in and asks them what are they up to. Arda says that they are waiting for information on Emre as he has disappeared. Hussein goes in his room and then Tolga comes and provide Arda with the blackmailer’s address. All of them head out to arrest the man.
Hussein calls Nedret and tells her that he has obtained the DNA report. Nedret agrees to meet him in two hours. Hussein goes home to change and while shouting at Melike, he drops the USB near the cupboard. Melike is very upset with Hussein’s attitude and when she picks up his shirt, she finds the USB.
The gang while waiting for Omer, asks Ipek who the father is of her son. As Ipek is about to answer, Omer joins them in the car and they all head up the apartment building to arrest Arif. They make him talk with Serhat so that his location can be traced. Arif talks on the loudspeaker, so they all get to know that Serhat wanted Ipek to be killed. Arif taunts Omer that Serhat took away his girlfriend once which makes Omer punch him. They take Arif  away to be held up in a safe house away from Hussein and Tayyar’s reach.
Tayyar asks about Nilofer from Fatih, who replies that she is resting and will come down for dinner in a while. Whereas Nilofer is searching Tayyar’s study for the CD but has to rush away when Fatih calls her for dinner. Hussein shows the DNA report to  Nedret.
The gang safely reunites Ipek with her son but Omer gets to know that Elif has been kidnapped. Serhat wants his wife and child in return he will give Elif. Omer is shocked, frustrated and helpless. He wont calm down till he talks with Hussein as he believes that Serhat is being backed by Tayyar.
Elif, the brave girl she is, tells Serhat to be afraid of her Omer as he will not show any mercy. Serhat says that he thinks she isn’t too afraid. Elif says that she has had experience with men like him recently and spits in his face. (Bravo Elif!! ) Serhat slaps her and asks his men to take her away.
Tayyar tells Nilofer and Fatih that now he wants a grandson. Fatih says that he wants a beautiful daughter like Nilofer and the children will come when they both are ready for them. Tayyar receives a call from Serhat who tells him that he has kidnapped  Elif. Tayyar walks out of the room to listen while Nilofer, pretending to get tea, follows him. Serhat is talking to Tayyar in front of Elif. Tayyar tells him to be careful of Omer and not to underestimate him. Nilofer is listening in
Hussein tells Nedret that she should accept the result of the DNA report which states clearly that Serhat is the father of Ipek’s child. Nedret says that she will not be defeated in her plan of splitting up Omer and Elif by a report. Hussein goes up to his well to throw away the USB but on not finding it in any of his pockets, he goes to search in his room. Melike was about to put the USB in a laptop when she hears Hussein coming in and quickly hids the USB in her bra (smart move!) Hussein turns the place up side down in his search. Just then Omer comes in and tells him about Elif being kidnapped. Hussein is shocked but Omer thinks that he is just pretending of not knowing. He says that even if a hair comes off of Elif, he will find Serhat, Tayyar and who ever helped them, and kill them all.  Omer tells Hussein to convey the message to them to stay away from him. Hussein says who? Omer says Ali . Hussein says that he should have said Ali, it felt like Omer was telling Hussein to stay away. Omer tells Hussein to stay at home and not to come help him. Hussein is really shocked.
Omer puts Tolga to tail Husein but Hussein catches Tolga . He thinks Arda put him up for this and tells tolga to tell Arda to stop interfering in his business or else he’ll be sorry. Tolga says that he wasn’t following Hussein and he he has just recently shifted and was going home. Hussein tells him to get lost and then he goes to meet with Tayyar and Ali at the warehouse.
Omer goes over to meet with Ipek and tells her that she should be at ease as he wont trade her and Yagiz for Elif. Yagiz comes and hugs his Uncle Superman and have his medicine from him. Omer calls him his Black Eagle and promises the boy to take him to a football match soon. When he reaches the police station,  Omer sees the video of how Elif was kidnapped which was obtained by the security cameras.  Arda says that the car used for the kidnapping was changed after a while and Omer thinks that Arif might have conveyed a message to Serhat while they made him talk earlier. Omer wants to interrogate Arif but finds out that Arif had escaped Tolga’s man. Omer gets angry and shouts that how could Tolga let this happen. Just then Omer receives a  call from Serhat who says that he should bring Ipek and Yagiz at the old railway station at 10pm the next day. Omer says he wants to talk to Elif. Elif conveys her location in clues reminding Omer of the time when he had questioned Bahar about her kidnapping. She told him that they had passed a stadium and she smells oranges around her. All this was conveyed in Italian and Serhat beat up his guy when he got to know that she spoke in a foreign language. While Serhat was beating his own man, Elif was shouting that he didn’t do anything wrong and she only said I Love You .
Arda says that they couldn’t trace the signal on the call. Omer says that forget that, Elif has given him clues and they all search for warehouses and oranges in the old city area. Arda jokes that Elif is also becoming a smart police woman and maybe they should appoint her. Pelin says her teacher is Omer, she has to be good.
Tayayr and Ali tell Hussein that let Serhat kill Elif and then Omer will get off their back. Hussein says that he will not allow this. Tayyar says this is their chance of getting Omer off their case once and for all but Hussein is still not agreeing.
Elif is trying to rub off the binds around her hand and praying for Omer to come quickly. In the police station, Arda shouts that Elif had described every fruit and vegetable warehouse in the city and will Omer search all of them? Omer shouts back that he will  search every place to find Elif. As he puts his jacket  on, Pelin comes in with the address of the warehouse. They all quickly get in to action when Hussein comes in and wants to join the party. Pelin suggests that he stays back but he says that he will go rescue his  sister in law. In the car Omer sees that Hussein is constantly fiddling with his mobile, and jokes that to whom will Hussein call and tell about the operation? Hussein says that what is he talking about? He was only using the mobile as his tasbeeh.
They reach the warehouse but there is no one. Omer finds a recorded message from Serhat saying that he wants his wife and son back by night and there will be no more smart talk between Elif and him.
Elif is put in another place. Melike and Evlan arrive at the Denizer house where they announce that Elif has been kidnapped to the aunt and Asli. Omer calls Nilofer to ask her if she has any news about Elif but since Fatih was there, Nilofer just quickly said no, maybe Asli can help him. Fatih says that Omer should talk to him if he wants to talk with Nilofer.
Nedret arrives at the police station and shouts at Omer to find Elif. He tells her he is doing his best . She insults his family and tells him that she will find Elif her way. She goes back to the house and conducts a press conference asking if anyone has any information to come forward. Nilofer reaches the Denizer place but Asli tells her to get lost as she is not part of the family.
Mert talks to a lawyer as he wants to fill a case against his father to asks for his inheritance. The lawyer gets frightened when he learns that Tayyar is the father but he accepts the case. Levent comes in and tells Mert about Elif being kidnapped. (Why was Levent used like a news bearer in this episode?)
Hussain tells Tayyar that Omer is making a plan and to tell that psycho Serhat that Omer’s plan will always be better than his stupid plans. He should just give Elif back. Tayyar tells Serhat that Omer will not hand over the son and the wife. Serhat calls Nedret and tells her to tell Omer to give his son back or he will kill Elif.
Nedret goes back to the police station where Omer and the team are making a plan to ambush Serhat. Nedret tells Omer to hand over the child.  Ipek arrives and listen as Omer and Nedret shout at each other. Nedret says that the child will be safe with his father but Omer says that what type of a human is she haan? How can he hand over the boy to a crazy person? He will not hand over anyone and he will get his Elif back. Nedret leaves in a huff. Ipek comes in and says that Omer and Elif have seen a lot of problems since she arrived in their life. She tells Omer to hand her and Yagiz over to Serhat. Omer says he won’t do this. Ipek says that she knows what she is doing.
They all leave for the train station. Hussein gets a call from  Tayyar while driving that he should kill Elif as this will solve their problems. Everyone takes position at the railway station. Omer tries to cheer Yagiz up and then gets out of the car to wait.
Serhat’s troupe arrives. Elif’s driver gets a call and while he is busy talking on the phone, Elif crashes his head from behind with a fire extinguisher. She cuts off her hand binders with a small knife and sneaks out of the car and runs away. Hussein sees her from his hiding point and goes after her.
Omer gets a call from Serhat and says to hand over his wife and son. Omer says he wants Elif first. One of the crooks tells Serhat that Elif ran away.
All hell breaks lose as Serhat and his men start firing. Serhat runs and Omer follows him. Omer catches up with him and asks him where is Elif. Serhat taunts him that he keeps taking Omer’s girlfriends. They fight.
Nilofer is in Tayyar’s study trying to break in in his safe for the CD. He is about to walk in. Melike finally sees what’s in the USB. Elif trips and fall and see someone standing over her. She rises and see that its Hussein. He asks her how is she and the episode ends.

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